I thought I was going to enjoy having 3 months off of work. No loud kitchen, annoying co-workers, aching feet and back, managers who treat you like an object rather than a person, or people taking offense to everything you say whether you meant it that way or not. But in the grand scheme of things I loved my job, even with all of its flaws. For one instance my job gave me routine. I woke up at 4:30 am every morning, got coffee, got to work 30 minutes early, worked my eight hours and went home to make dinner and spend time with my husband. Having a baby and being on maternity leave makes me feel imprisoned in my own home. Most people are working all morning and afternoon so there is no one to visit or do something with and when there is you are usually too tired to get yourself and the baby ready to leave the house. I am all about routine and planning ahead so spontaneous plans now as a mother usually never work out. And with it being the middle of winter in Ohio, you never know what the weather will be that day, you can’t really just go to a park or hang out outside! So here I sit, missing my co-workers, missing my kitchen department but also never wanting to leave my sweet baby boy. A mother’s emotions are never clear, we just have to work through them one tear at a time!