First things first…

I guess I should start off where I left off. My precious baby boy! He is now 9 months going on 10 months old! Where has the time gone? My once 8 pound little baby is now a SOLID 25-26 pounds! I definitely get a work out holding him! He is still the center of my world and I fall in love with him over and over again! I get up for work, drop him at the babysitters, get to work and by the first break at 9 a.m. I am already missing him dearly! He now cries when I hand him over which breaks my heart every time even though I know he will stop in 2 minutes!

He has grown so fast physically but also mentally! He crawls (FAST!), sits up, stands up, sits down, making all kinds of noises and laughter, eating table food, and is on the verge of walking and talking! Where did he go? He used to fit in my cradled arms and just stare up at me with his deep brown little eyes! You never actually know what a mother is talking about when they say flies by until you experience it! He has taught me patience on so many levels! It all started when we were trying to get pregnant and God said wait! As always I was saddened and every month I was distraught after another negative pregnancy test! And now as a parent I am more laid back, let him try to figure it out first kind of mom. The Nicole everyone knew and still knows would never be like this! I am still the worrier in all aspects of life, just not as much with Titus! I don’t know what it is but I think I just want him to learn to be independent and strong! To be a leader in life! My sister once told me that if you pray for patience then God WILL make you wait! (She said “so don’t ever pray for patience!” Haha) But in a way I am glad he taught me wait and to have patience! If I hadn’t I would not have gotten this miracle I now love!

I could not have asked for a better baby! He is still laid back, quiet until he knows you, and a well behaved baby! Yes he has his moments but he is different than other babies! He is good in public and at restaurants! He isn’t really as picky eater and he loves to drink water! He plays with his toys alone and is happy for it! He isn’t definitely my introverted child but still a socialite! Just like his momma, he can be social but he needs his time to recharge! He still sleeps in his crib and gladly so! But I tell him all the time that I can’t wait to have sleepovers with him in momma’s bed!

There are some things that I have definitely done different and against doctor’s advice! We bought a house (blog to come!) and it was a very stressful time in our lives trying to get things fixed so we could move in and finally have a home! Amongst the stress my milk dried up and I soon after ran out of my frozen stash! I couldn’t afford to be feeding him formula all time so I gave him cow’s milk with karo and water right away! I know I know, baby shouldn’t have cow’s milk until 1 year old. But it is what my grandma gave mom and it is what my mom gave my brother because they wouldn’t take formula! So why not try it? The worst that could happen is he could have a reaction and I would have a panic attack and go to the hospital. But if I never try it I won’t even know. Lo and behold he is perfectly fine. He just has to take a multi vitamin every day that he gladly takes! I also feed my child whatever I want! Again, if he doesn’t try it how will I know if it affects him? So I have given him strawberries, chocolate, etc. In low proportions of course! But I am not going to hide my child from the world!

I officially started cloth diapering him full time in April! Everything is still going fantastically and I seem to be showing more and more people that it is an easy thing to do! And showing them that is definitely cheaper in the end! And not to mention that is healthier for the environment and easy to do all at the same time!

Enough of my child for now, even though I could talk about him for weeks!

“A baby fills a place in your heart you never knew was empty!”


Long time, no blog!

It has been 8 months and 16 days since I last wrote something. Whether it has been something about my life or something I felt inspired to write! It is now October 20, 2017 and there has been so many changes in my life! The good, the bad, the sad, and the ugly! Where does one start?

I have been debating in my head for the last few weeks about if I should start writing again. Getting my thoughts out there so my head wasn’t such a jumbled mess! They say women’s minds are like spaghetti for a reason! So this time I am going to Try and write at least once a week or whenever I feel called to!

I think I shall start with me. Me. The wife. The mother. The daughter. The sister. The homeowner (never thought that would happen!). The friend. The employee. They are all titles that I carry but there are so many more I wish I could claim! But there are also some I wished I didn’t claim. The worrier. The tired one. The nagger. The loud one. The gossiper. The anti-socialist. The list could go on and on! I want to change them! Not totally but for the better! I want to be a better, more positive person! I know it is an achievable goal but I hard part is working at it in every aspect of my life! I look at the people in my life at home, in friendships, and at work and see all the negativity some of them bring! There are people who are mad about having to come to work every day of every week! Like why even come to work if it is that taxing for you? That is the type of person I don’t want to surround myself with. I need positivity to become positive! So I have started meditating, doing brain exercises, and hopefully having the energy after work to go for a walk with my family or do an activity together! Even if it is laying on the floor playing, reading books, or going to visit someone else! I want to be disconnected to technology for at least half an hour a day! Enjoy my husband and little boy!

These days and moments will fly by and if you don’t look up from your screen to look at them you’ll miss the greatest adventure of your life!

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Warning! Feelings are about to be shared! These are my opinions and in way do I believe that everyone should always take my side! But if I don’t put my feelings in writing I bottle them up and explode on someone! So here it goes.

Today, as I was feeding Titus, I was scrolling through a mom group on Facebook. One of the mother’s made a post on the group wanting to know how to get silly putty out of her carpets. Saying that it was her child that did it. I understand, I would be really annoyed and upset as well! But it was the fact that she didn’t call her child by their name or even just saying that it was her child, she called them “demon spawn”! I’m sorry, I get that kids are hellions. At age 14 both sets of my parents had another child each! Then 2 years later 1 set of parents had another child. That is 3 siblings under the age of 2 by the time I was 16. I have helped raise them like I was their own mother! I know how children can be! But in no way would I call them a “demon spawn” verbally or on a website where anyone can read it! This is not the first time I have seen another mother call their child something that is barbaric in my eyes! I am a new parent so I may sound naïve, but having children has always been a dream of mine! When I was younger, when they would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up I would answer with a mom! I have always loved babies and children! Now that I have my own bundle of joy my heart feels like it may explode every time I look at him. Every time I sing “You Are My Sunshine” to him I start crying from happiness! Will he always be this wonderful baby? No! But I still can never imagine call them such names! It just seems like, dare I say, verbal abuse! Children hang on your every word! Whether you say it, write it, or type it! Watch what you say, soon they will be repeating what you say, becoming who you are and you can’t punish them for it!

Monkey see, monkey do!