No Energy!

Happy December! I’m sorry I disappeared (again)! So many things were happening that I just did not have the time or the energy to even write anything. So to spare you the excuses here I am! Back in action!

Update from the last post! Titus is full on waking and 75% knows how to keep balanced! It happened completely over night! I have no idea where my light boy went!

We bought a house! I never thought that this day would come! We have such a big house with so much room for a pretty low price! We were very lucky to find it when we did! We moved in on June 27, 2017! It was pure bliss when we handed in our keys to the apartment! I was over having no room to live and now that Titus is very mobile it is probably the best decision we made! I am not going to post pictures only because there would be no end to them! I will tell you it is a 1917 colonial house with 3 floors and a basement. Original windows. Tons of woodwork! It is literally perfection to me. We live on one of the main roads so we get a lot of traffic and “walkers”. We usually hear sirens every day at all hours but doesn’t seem to bother us! The natural sunlight is one of my favorite attributes of the house and its location! We have steam heat and it working well now that its winter! Overall it has been a great step for my family and I.

Another plus about moving into this house is that we are a mile or less from my moms house and my grandmas house! I am a big advocate for spending as much time with family as possible! It has been better for me emotionally having support wherever and whenever I need it! It is also great that im living in the city I grew up! It isnt as loud visually, physically, or mentally as the previous city we lived in! We are just happy and that’s all I wanted for life and my family!

Don’t look back – you’re not going that way!