The Day I Have Been Waiting For!


It’s been 13 days since this beautiful miracle entered our lives! The journey was long and emotionally rough sometimes but totally worth it in the end.

The day was December 27, 2016 when I went into my routine appointment to get checked. It also happened to be my due date. The doctor checked me and told me I was still only 1 cm dilated. She ordered an ultrasound to check if the baby was going to be 9 or 10 pounds. Turns out he was around 7 pounds 12 ounces and the technician said there was very little amniotic fluid! He explained this to the doctor and the doctor ordered a stress test. If the baby was under any stress we were going to the hospital right away to be induced and monitored. If not, we were going home to finish getting the house ready, finish packing, and eat dinner before coming back at 7 pm.

At 7 pm I was induced. The contractions started and I lasted 7 hours before the contractions were coming very often but were short lived. I couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to enjoy my labor with him as much as possible. I chose to get the epidural which was terrifying and hilarious to me all at the same time. I couldn’t move or feel anything below my waist which I always found hilarious because every time they would move me or lift my leg I couldn’t feel it but I saw them moving it!

On December 28, 2016, at 6:08 pm, Titus James Allen Vukich decided to grace us with his presence! I was in labor for 23 hours but only ended up pushing for 24 minutes. Some of that time even included waiting for the doctor to arrive. It all happened so fast that when he came out all I saw and thought of was him. He was so beautiful and I was so relieved that I finally got to see hid tiny little face. He was 7 pounds 13 ounces and 18 inches long. I didn’t even hear the doctor say that he swallowed extra fluid, or know that Josh cut the umbilical cord, or that the doctor accidentally nicked the umbilical cord after and sent blood all over the floor. My eyes were only set on him!

Childbirth is terrifying and anxiety filled. But when it is actually happening you aren’t thinking about it. You are just doing it and it is a beautiful moment. I cried for hours just looking at him and thinking about how beautiful he is. (Yes, boys can be beautiful!) All the anxiety was worth it! Don’t be afraid to feel and express your emotions! It just shows how much you already love your child!



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